This Friday at 4pm I will be presenting a chapter of my dissertation at the #APSA2016 Annual Meeting. I will be a panelist of the “Latino/a Scholars Transforming  Political Science” Panel organized but the Committee on the Status of Latinos in the Discipline.


Title: Liar Liar: Responses Latencies and Turnout Overreports

Abstract: Vote validation studies assume that socially desirable responding is the root cause of overreports of voter turnout in political surveys; however, very little has been done to test this assertion. Using response latency measures from the 2014 Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) I adopt approaches from the discipline of social psychology that may contribute to the understanding the true nature of turnout overreports.  Response latencies have proven to be helpful indicators in the study of deception in general (Walczyk et al 2003), but can also indicate whether a respondent is being other-deceptive or self-deceptive when providing a socially desirable response (Holtgraves, 2004). Results show that validated nonvoters who overreport have higher mean response times than validated voters, thus supporting the view that overreports are caused by socially desirable responding. Moreover, these results substantiate the main argument of this paper; that turnout overreports in survey research are equivalent to intentional other-deception. These results have significant implications for studying the social and psychological motivations for overreporting.

Download my paper here.


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